2017 Elections - March 20th to 31st

* denotes incumbent

Academic Affairs (vote for 9)

Aaron Fultz*

Abdul Muhammad

Amanda Rasmusson

Amy Logan

Amy Ward*

Angela Stone

Barb Wollan*

Barry W. McCroskey

Casey Smith


David Burnette

Denise Birney

Duane Johnson

Eduardo Boro

Emily Bowers

Jacki Hayes

Jamie Sass

Janice Crow

Jason Follett


John Burnett-Larkins

John Odenweller

Michelle Thorn

Monica Ernberger

Paula Burns

Suzanne Ankerstjerne

Tera Lawson

Theodore C. Lockhart

Division of Finance (vote for 1) 

Tim Ashley



University Services (vote for 3) 

Butch Hansen*

Joy Stroud*

Matt Laurich

President's Office (vote for 4)

Don Paulsen

E Jacob Cummings*

Jacob E. Larsen

Jordan Bates*

Keesha Ward

Rick Charles

Student Affairs (vote for 3)

Caleb Carver

Carolyn Duven

James Studley*

Kelly Friesleben

Maria Pringle

Mindy Heggen

mv Lloyd

Sara Parris


Voting will take place March 20-31

Please note that voting will continue through 5:00 p.m. on March 31Employees will vote within their division. For example, employees from Academic Affairs will vote for candidates from Academic Affairs, etc.

How To Vote

Voting has ended.

More about Councilor Elections 

Nominees for council must hold a P-base employment status. Council terms are generally for three years, and approximately one-third of the Council is chosen at each election. Elected councilors attend regular council meetings and are appointed to serve on a standing committee. The total time commitment is approximately 4 - 8 hours a month. This varies on the amount of involvement, elections to office, etc. Browse our website to find out more about P&S Council activities and responsibilities,

The Council consists of approximately 40 members, including seven officers, elected from Academic Affairs, Business & Finance, President’s Office, Student Affairs and Division of Finance (or 1 representative for every 75 P&S employees). Please see our current list of Councilors and the areas which they represent.